Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dessert Parade

The day I cannot eat desserts anymore is the day I die.

While I know it may sound harsh, it is actually true.

I love desserts. No, let me correct that, I live for desserts.
Give me that anytime and you have made my day.

Interestingly, there are dessert places and there ARE dessert places.

What has caught my attention:

Polly's Peaches and Cream Chocolate Cake
As I am sure most of us have tried Polly's signature chocolate cake normally found at the Shell Magallanes station, this version was what I discovered at their Robinson's Galleria kiosk found at the theatre floor of the mall. What I love about this one is that it is not too sweet and the play of fruity flavors matched the slight bittersweetness of the chocolate cake.

Polly's Blueberry Ice Box Cake
Topped with a light buttercream frosting, their sponge cake perfectly balanced the sourness of the preserved blueberries it is served with.

Va Bene's Semifreddo with Chocolate Sauce
Va Bene Pasta Deli is a small Italian restaurant found at the Petron Dasmarinas shop cluster right across the Dusit Hotel in Makati. The place serves authentic Italian cuisine and as expected, serves this simply delicious frozen dessert that is flavored with orange and topped with rich dark chocolate sauce and chopped walnuts. After having your fill of fresh pasta, ending your meal with this is pure heaven!

Sweet Bella's Adrianna
Located at the Burgos Circle, Sweet Bella showcases beautifully crafted desserts which will make you want to order all. I had to restrain myself and settled for two on my first visit. If you like banana, chocolate mousse and coffee, this dessert's for you.

Sweet Bella's Strawberry Cheesecake
Generously topped with fresh strawberries, their version is a crumbly baked cheesecake garnished with pretty white chocolate.

Cake Planet's Turtle Pie
Found along Dona Soledad in Better Living Paranaque, this place boasts of a variety of 10 inch cakes in various formats and flavors. What caught my attention was their Turtle Pie version made with a rich chocolate mousse sitting on a bed of hazelnut butter and chocolate crust. It is lusciously decadent and I love it!

Now I'm happy. Coffee anyone?

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